If you tell us 5 movies that you liked our recommendations are 60% better

a few words about MovieJab

MovieJAB provides the best movie recommandentions you ever seen for Free. We call this effect JAB. So say goodbye to the hours spent online searching for movie recommendation and start getting Jabbed. It’s an simple process. First you connect to MovieJab using Facebook. MovieJAB will automatically check your movie likes and start recommending movies to you. Don’t worry if don’t have movies added to you Facebook account, Moviejab will propose a list of movies to get the minimum feedback from you to start recommend movies.

The Jabs

The Jabs are a 10 personalized movie recommendations we will provide to you for free. If you find in this list a movie you see just click “I liked it” or “Not my type” and we will never recommend this movie to you again. Much more then this we will refine the recommendation based on your feedback so the recommendation will get better and better in time.

If you see a movie that interested you go to the movie page and check the trailer. If you want to see it add the movie to the watch list. Remember you can add 5 movies to your watch list so after you se an movie go to the watch list and click “I liked it” or “Not my type” and the movie will go to movies watched and leave the watch list making room for other movies to add.

If the 10 recommendations list are fill with movies you see or you plan to see (added to watch list) click the rejab button and we will provide an new 10 movie recommendation list. Remember you have 5 jabs per day so use it with care and try flag or add to watch list every movie you have.

To get more jabs you can share via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to get 1 extra jab per share.

once we are done jabbing we answer your mails